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Case Study – Izinga Saves Money on a Non-Conformance Tracking System.

Izinga a “Customer Service Solutions Company” was having difficulty in monitoring and measuring Non-Conformances in their business, by not being able to control access to the Non-Conformance system and who was responsible for making changes against Non-Conformances.  The previous solution was a cumbersome series of manual spreadsheets and records.

This lead to the identification for a need for a secure, functionality rich system to allow ease of recording and reporting on actions relating to the performance of employees and processes within any part of the organisation.

The implementation of a secure, integrated system that was developed by APLISO in order to easily define who and when Non-Conformances were taking place was key to achieving our business objectives.

APLISO developed a system which could:

  • Enable the company to simplify its recordings of all types of Non-Conformances into one integrated system.
  • Track who reported a Non-Conformance ticket.
  • Track when the Non-Conformance had been issued.
  • How the Non-Conformance was being handled by management.
  • How the Non-Conformance had been resolved.
  • It also tracks repetitive Non-Conformance’s, which indicate problem areas, which then can be addressed by management in a timely manner.
  • Improve agent performance.
  • Eliminate compliance risk.
  • Be adaptable to new challenges in the business such as detecting a policy or practise which goes against the documented procedures or applicable standards of the company.

Izinga saw the benefits of the APLISO Non-Conformance System, and is now able to compile secure, accurate reports of all the Non-Conformances over any period of time specified. The APLISO Non-Conformance System allows for companies to save on costs by increasing employee performance and productivity as well as reducing overall Non-Conformances, thus saving money that would have been spent on employee performance management and possible disciplinary action.

if you are interested in a non-conformance system for tracking complaints, non-conformances, or incidents, why not contact sales@apliso.com or go to www.apliso.com