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YouMMDay Has its day made!

The first online market place for contact centre solutions, “You Made My Day”, is a company which assists contact centres around the world with addressing various challenges from inbound calling, outbound calling, technical support, administrative services and much more.

YouMMDay identified a need for a system to be implemented which monitors their policies, processes and procedures in order to ensure the top service they offer exceeds even their closest competitors. After extensive research YouMMDay had found the ISO 9001 Quality Management System would best suit their goal in mind and had chosen Apliso to implement their Quality Management System.

The product chosen by YouMMDay was the ISOEASY product, developed by Apliso and aimed at assisting SMME’s and start-ups to achieve greater customer satisfaction through the monitoring and improvement of all business related activities.

The ISOEASY product allows a company to become certification ready within just 12 weeks and has the added benefit of a structured payment plan in order to assist the up-and-coming companies who are looking to compete against the corporate giants.

With the goal set and the vision to become certified both YouMMDay and Apliso dived straight into the ISO project hand-in-hand only to complete the project well ahead of schedule, so much so it only took 4 weeks from the beginning of the project to booking the certification audit.

With Apliso having an impeccable record of all clients achieving certification first time round, it comes with no surprise that YouMMDay had accomplished and passed its certification audit.

Once more we applaud YouMMDay in achieving it’s goal of ensuring continual improvement within its company while making customer satisfaction it’s number one priority.


At Apliso we’re happy to say we can get your ISO Quality Management System implemented with professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm.